The SAP Python Connector PyRFC

or how to make SAP more fun


Sebastian Zwack



In 2012 we built modern web apps for SAP Center of Excellence Value Prototyping. Using an agile approach we liked working with Python already but how to connect to SAP? There has been a Python connector from Piers Harding but it wasn't officially supported and didn't implement all features we would probably need.

Therfore the PyRFC connector was developed internally using Cython and with close contact to SAP NetWeaver RFC library team (which the Python Connector is wrapping).

For the non-SAP users: the connector calls SAP RFCs (remote functional calls) which are developed in ABAP and already exist in every system.

Open Source Release

We're very happy SAP has released the Python library as Open Source (Apache v2 License). Now everyone can play with it and we're allowed to talk about it. ;-)

Gimme the codez

The requirements, the code with examples and of course full documentation can all be found on the dedicated SAP GitHub page.


As contributors and first time users of PyRFC we are experts and have deep knowledge about the architecture and are very happy to support you in building any kind of solution with it. For example how to build a web app or script that transfers data from/to SAP, best practices using MVC in combination with SAP backends or app architecture etc.

Please contact us.